Product Development Update

Hello yLand community

The entire yLand team wishes to use this medium to appreciate your patience and support for the team and project development thus far. It has been few months of development and less communications on our part and we do apologize for that. But be rest assured that the team has your best interest at heart and we are working on meeting the roadmap

Today we want to release a detailed explanation of our next milestone release which is the yEngine. You may be wondering what the Engine is and what it does, sit tight and read through the explanation below

What is yLandEngine

The team used this phrase to refer to the hub that will house all the products that makes up the yLand project. This includes:






  • Yield Farming robots
  • yVaults adopt a special methodology and strategies designed to boost deposited asset yields and to minimize risk.


  • Dynamic money markets that serve as building blocks for yVaults and that are yield-aware
  • yFarm conducts benefit swapping for lending providers, moving the funds autonomously between dydx, Aave and Compound.


  • A tool that allows users to switch between different stablecoins and a bag of stablecoins (yTokens) or pools (yCRV) with interest
  • Save gas fees from the base assets by Zapping directly into or out of Curve pools.


  • yCover offers coverage for various smart contracts and product services underwritten by Nexus Mutual against financial loss.

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First Product Release Update (yVault)

As we have different products of yLand, the vault will be the first product to be released. The following pools will be in the vault

1 — LP (vault & strategy)

2 — LP (vault & strategy)

3 — LP (vault & strategy)

4 — LP (vault & strategy)

5 — LP (vault & strategy)

6 — DAI (vault & strategy)

7 — TUSD (vault & strategy)

8 — USD Coin (vault & strategy)

9 — USDT (vault & strategy)

10 — aLink (vault & strategy)

Stay tuned as we bring more updates with regards to the vault deployment your way. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels for more updates

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Yearn Land is a DeFi yield aggregator for the lending platforms that during contract engagement rebalances for the maximum yield.

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