Dear Community,

The Launch of our first Staking Program on 7 October has been smooth and a success. Our Staking Pool has been 100% filled in less than 1 hour! We would like to thank everyone for participating and supporting our 1st Yearn Land Staking Program, and to our Partner Ferrum Network for being with us during the launch and ensuring the smooth process of staking among our stakeholders. This is an important milestone for us as we strive to deliver DeFi to everyone through Yearn Land’s suite of DeFi products. Staking is just the first among the many products that we intend to launch in the coming days.

As a recap, 1,000 yLand tokens have been staked which will earn 0.2% daily, 6% monthly and 73% annualy. Yearn Land’s 1ST Staking Program will run for a year, wherein a total reward of 736 yLand tokens await the Stakers. It will be flexible, as Stakers have the option to withdraw anytime from 12 October 2020, 3PM CET. There will be no fees associated to both staking and withdrawal of staked tokens and claiming of rewards. There will also be no minimum staking requirement i.e. you can stake any amount of yLand tokens that you have. However, please note that if you withdraw early, you cannot re-enter the staking pool.

Thank you and we will further update you on our exciting upcoming product launches in the coming days.

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