Yland Development update

Hello YearnLand community

The past days has seen some major developments and roadmap accomplishment. Today we at YearnLand want to bring to everyone the development update so far

  1. YearlLand staking which was deployed by Ferrum network
  2. Our farming started yesterday with a 200% for 2 months
  3. Our first AMA was held yesterday


Today’s update is centered on team tokens and rewards lock

All 9758 yLAND tokens has been minted.

yLAND contract can’t mint tokens anymore

Unused rewards: 1163 yLAND

Lock period: 2 months (until 14 dec 2020 23:13 GMT)
Locking service: Unicrypt
Lock tx: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xfb709a77df45ae8317c6d7e07c843fe9423540ae72bb14acfe0e83f8d6fca589

After unlocking date these tokens will be used in the next product we will deliver that will offer rewards.

Team’s tokens: 127.77 yLAND
Lock period: 6 months (until 14 apr 2021 23:22 GMT)
Locking service: Unicrypt
Lock tx:https://etherscan.io/tx/0x514d96848a42439950b71a6c29adcfc9c6943bfb6b8175a8279c11d66b7f366a

The only unlocked tokens will be those from the Marketing & Development Address:

Our farming is still ongoing with 200% APY

About Us:

Yearn Land is a DeFi yield aggregator for the lending platforms that during contract engagement rebalances for the maximum yield.

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