Yearn Land farming V1

Dear Community,

The Yearn Land team is excited to announce that the Yearn Land farming V1 is expected to be released next week!

The Yearn Land team recognizes and appreciates the importance of liquidity for the YLAND token across the entirety of the Yearn Land platform. As such, Yearn Land farming V1 focuses on the Uniswap pair ETH-YLAND exclusively in an effort to concentrate liquidity for the YLAND token on the predominant decentralized exchange.

To be eligible for YLAND farming, farmers must:

Add ETH and YLAND to the Uniswap ETH-YLAND pool


Deposit the Uniswap ETH-YLAND LP token on the farming platform coming soon
Begin harvesting YLAND farming rewards
That’s it!

For those unfamiliar with the practice of yield farming, the YLAND team will issue an instructional guide on exactly how to participate as we approach the Yearn Land farming V1 release date.


Number of YLAND tokens available for Yearn Land farming V1:

500 yLand

Duration of Yearn Land farming V1:

2 months

APY for Yearn Land Farming V1:


Yearn Land farming V1 is intended to bootstrap the liquidity in the Yearn Land network and will serve as an overall network upgrade as we begin to roll out the Yearn Land engine and deploy some surprise tokenomic upgrades that will guarantee the sustainability and health of the Yearn Land network.

Liquidity is crucial to the proper execution of the Yearn Land roadmap and we look forward to rewarding the liquidity providers that join the Yearn Land community!

Please make sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram for future announcements about Yearn Land farming V1.

Get your ETH & YLAND ready now! You’ll be farming YLAND sooner than you think!

About Us:

Yearn Land is a DeFi yield aggregator for the lending platforms that during contract engagement rebalances for the maximum yield.

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